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Welcome to Greenview Sheds & Fences, an essential chapter in the legacy of Greenview Garden Care. Our narrative unfolds alongside Andrew, our visionary owner, whose extensive 25-year journey in the industry began with major fencing companies across the North West. Andrew’s dedication to exceptional service and craftsmanship paved the way for the establishment of Greenview Sheds & Fences.


Situated in Burnley, our brand is a testament to Andrew’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each product in our comprehensive range, from robust fences to versatile sheds, bears the hallmark of Andrew’s expertise cultivated over a quarter-century.

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At Greenview, our showroom isn’t just a display; it’s a reflection of our journey, experience, and unwavering dedication to enhancing your outdoor living. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or new to outdoor projects, the Greenview team is here to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Andrew’s ethos revolves around putting the customer first, where the customer is truly king. This commitment is woven into the fabric of Greenview, ensuring that your experience transcends mere transactions.

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Choose Greenview Sheds & Fences for a partnership that transcends products – a partnership rooted in a journey marked by dedication, expertise, and a genuine passion for creating enduring outdoor spaces with the customer at the forefront.

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“At Greenview Sheds & Fences, our commitment to excellence extends beyond sheds and fences. With a focus on the highest quality, we bring you premium fencingshedsdecking, and more. Elevate your outdoor experience with our durable and meticulously crafted solutions, designed to stand the test of time. Choose Greenview for unparalleled quality in every detail, transforming your space into a haven of enduring beauty and functionality.”

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