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How Close Can I Put a Shed to My Neighbour’s Fence?

An illustration of shed boundaries

When installing a shed in your garden, one critical consideration is its placement concerning your neighbour’s fence. The proximity of the shed to the fence can have legal and practical implications. Understanding these can help you avoid disputes and ensure compliance with local regulations. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how close you can place your shed to your neighbour’s fence.

General Guidelines

  1. Local Regulations:
    • In the UK, there are specific planning regulations and building codes that govern the placement of sheds. Generally, if the shed is placed within 2 meters of the property boundary, the height of the shed should not exceed 2.5 meters. This rule helps to minimize the impact on neighbouring properties in terms of shading and visual intrusion.
  2. Building Codes and Covenants:
    • Always check your local building codes and any covenants or restrictions in your deed or neighbourhood association rules. These can vary significantly from one area to another and might impose stricter requirements.
  3. Property Lines:
    • Ensure that you accurately determine the property lines to avoid placing the shed on or over the boundary. It’s advisable to consult your property deed or a professional surveyor to mark the exact boundaries.
  4. Fire Safety:
    • Keeping a reasonable distance from the fence is crucial for fire safety. Wooden sheds and fences can pose a fire hazard if placed too close to each other. A safe distance helps to prevent the spread of fire.
  5. Maintenance Access:
    • Consider the practical aspect of maintaining both the shed and the fence. Leaving enough space to walk around the shed makes it easier to perform necessary maintenance tasks like painting, repairs, and cleaning.

Best Practices

  1. Communicate with Your Neighbour:
    • It’s always a good idea to discuss your plans with your neighbour before installing the shed. This can help prevent any misunderstandings or disputes. Good communication can lead to mutually agreed placements that respect both parties’ needs and privacy.
  2. Leave a Gap:
    • As a general practice, leaving at least 1 meter (approximately 3 feet) between the shed and the fence is recommended. This provides adequate space for maintenance and ensures compliance with most local regulations.
  3. Foundation Considerations:
    • When placing the shed close to a fence, consider the type of foundation you will use. Ensure that the foundation does not encroach on the neighbouring property or affect the stability of the fence.
  4. Aesthetic and Privacy Concerns:
    • Think about the visual impact of the shed from your neighbour’s perspective. Placing the shed too close to their fence can be intrusive. Consider using landscaping or fencing to provide additional privacy and improve the overall aesthetics.


Placing a shed near your neighbour’s fence requires careful consideration of local regulations, property boundaries, and neighbourly relations. By adhering to guidelines and best practices, you can install your shed without legal complications or disputes. At Greenview Sheds and Fences Ltd, we provide expert advice and high-quality sheds that comply with all necessary regulations. Visit our website at shed range here to explore our range of products and services.

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