Clutter Storage Box


Free standing storage building
Ideal for placing against a wall or fence
Lower and narrower than the Wallshed
Tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
Framed and braced double doors
Doors are on low side, with the roof sloping up to the back

Estimated delivery dates: Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 25, 2024
Clutter Storage Box

  • Free Standing Storage Box
  • Standard Treatment
  • Tongue & Groove Shiplap
  • Ideal For Placing Against A Wall Or Fence
  • Lower & Narrower Than Our Other Product ‘Wall Shed’
  • Framed & Braced Double Doors
  • Felted Roof

Cladding: 12mm / Framing: 34mmx34mm / Internal: 1.34mm-1.27mm / Lock: Slide Bolt

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