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Heavy Duty 140GSM Easy Cut Weed Membrane (2M Wide)


Estimated delivery dates: Feb 29, 2024 - Mar 7, 2024

This 140GSM Extra Heavy Duty Grey Weed Control Fabric is manufactured exclusively for Greenview Sheds & Fences Ltd.


This 140GSM Extra Heavy Duty Grey Weed Control Fabric is manufactured exclusively for Greenview Sheds & Fences Ltd.

Made from closely woven strips of polypropylene are UV stabilised and treated for an extra-long life. Green is a colour often preferred by gardeners because it is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the standard black sheeting you often find. Being extra heavy duty weed fabric, it is designed for uses such as driveways, paths, under lawns, flower beds, borders and can be even left uncovered to clear large areas of weeds. Purchasing a premium heavy duty weed suppressant membrane such as this, rather than an economy fabric, has many further benefits like more effective weed suppression and an extended life.

The heavy duty weed control membrane fabric is incredibly simple to use, it is as easy as cutting the sheet to size with scissors and then laying it down. It is normal that multiple sections of sheeting are used during installation; when using multiple pieces an overlap of 20cm is sufficient. This suppressant is suitable for use with our range of weed fabric pegs; we recommend plastic pegs for soft ground and metal pegs for harder or rockier ground.

Stops weeds but allows rain water to drain through.

This green weed fabric performs a number of jobs, the first being that of stopping weeds growing from below the sheeting by preventing light from penetrating it. The suppressant keeps the soil below rich by allowing the through-flow of water and nutrients, meaning the ground will remain nourished and fresh for future planting. The sheet can also help with ground stability and is often used in the fight against soil erosion.

  • 140gsm Heavy Duty
  • Grey in colour
  • Created from woven strips of polyethylene
  • Keeps weeds at bay
  • Allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate
  • Suitable for use with our range of anchor pegs

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