Laughton Dog Kennel & Run


Pent roof kennel and run
Tongue & groove shiplap
1.2 x 1.2m kennel with floor
1.8m (1004) or 2.4m (1204) run area
Sliding door connects kennel to run
Run is supplied without a floor for hygiene purposes
Galvanised steel mesh front on run, complete with access door

Estimated delivery dates: Jul 5, 2024 - Jul 16, 2024
Laughton Dog Kennel & Run


  • Pent Roof Kennel & Run
  • Tongue & Groove Shiplap
  • 1.8m Run with 10×4 Size & 2.4m Run with 12×4 Size

Cladding: 12mm / Framing: 45x34mm / Internal: 1.67m-1.52m / Lock: Lock & Key


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