Major Heavy Duty Garden Pent Shed (15mm Cladding & Extra thick framework)


-Extra heavy duty adaptable pent roof shed
-Heavy duty sawn framework
-Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
-150mm taller than our standard pent shed height
-Taller door with heavy duty galvanised hinges
-Glass windows
-Rim lock and handle as standard on single doors
-Available in sizes not listed

Estimated delivery dates: Jul 10, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024
Major Heavy Duty Garden Pent Shed (15mm Cladding & Extra thick framework)

The design possibilities of this shed are endless , we recommend designing your own (Click here) so you can do the following :


    • Add as many doors and windows as you like


    • Add different styles of windows and doors


    • Add extras such as roof overhangs


    • Design the shed exactly how you want it






    • Extra Heavy Duty Pent Roof Adaptable Shed


    • 150mm Extra Eaves Height Compared To Standard


    • Taller Door With 2 Heavy Duty Galvanised Hinges


    • Choice Of Door Positions


    • Thicker Than Average Tongue & Groove Shiplap Including Roof & Floor


    • Taller Door With 2 Heavy Duty Galvansied Hinges


    • Heavy Duty Sawn Framework & Purlins


    • Flexible Door & Window Positions


    • Double Doors Come With Padbolt


Cladding: 15mm / Framing: 60x50mm / Eaves HT: 2.1m-1.98m / Lock: Lock & Key

Cladding and framing make up the panels from which this building is constructed. In general, the thicker the cladding and framing, the stronger the shed will be and the longer it will last. All the panels on this building are made from sustainably sourced 15mm thick cladding and 60mm x 50mm thick framing. Please note this is the finished size after machining (some companies quote the size before machining).

Eaves Height: Internal height at the lowest point of the roof (at the sides).

Lock: This building comes as standard with a press lock and two keys.

Roof cover: Supplied with high quality polyester-based roofing felt

Additional information

Shed Roof Style


Building Type

Heavy Duty, Wooden Shed


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